Mini Review ~ The Charmed Bracelet

Title: The Charmed Bracelet
Author: Stefan Petrucha
Artist: Daniel Vaughn Ross
Series: Nancy Drew Graphic Novel #7

Nancy Drew finds herself on another case. A top-secret computer chip has been stolen which could cost the company millions. At a loss for clues, Nancy mysteriously receives a charmed bracelet. Thinking she may have a secret admirer, she barely notices the charms. That is until she realizes each charm represents a crime that is about to take place. Nancy is determined to solve these crimes before another one can happen. Too bad Nancy’s boyfriend, Ned, gets arrested for shoplifting. The girl detective cannot help him out of this one. But the question remains: why would Ned shoplift? Is he jealous of Nancy and her new-detective fame? Join Nancy and her friends as they try to solve the case and Nancy’s relationship troubles.


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